Diary of a Nobody

Excellent production of Diary of a Nobody ( one of my most favourite books) about to open at Kings Head, Islington. Saw it when it was there a couple of years ago and it was good!


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Mrs Potts takes on a new challenge

Mrs Potts has just found out how to blog at any time anywhere by mobile or iPad so that should improve her very lacklustre performance of late.Mrs P has now taken on the entire Potts the Painter mob – friends, relations, etc – the lot. So instead of attempting to sort one (artist) have gathered about another 70 – all good fun – in fact the entire Happy Family card game plus. Watch this space…..

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A new kettle

Oh dear – the aggravation of being a designer still has influence – needed a new kettle, went to John Lewis. Just want a kettle shaped recognisable kettle, but no – they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and finishes. Chose the most kettle shape available – BUT – it has windows in the sides so you can see how much water you put in – this was a source of consternation at Potts Towers, very disturbing! But Hurray!! We got to grips with it and even accepted it – whew, this would not have happened a few years ago.img_3206img_3207-1

Please note instruction 2 – this has been strictly noted

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Reasons to be cheerful!


Sold a painting last week – that’s always cheering …..IMG_0706

….and I will be showing paintings in January at The Curwen Gallery,London as part of a 4 person show. One of the other artists is Glynn Boyd Harte, sadly died young but did the most lovely work and I’m thrilled to be there with him.

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Thank you!

Thank you for looking at Mrs P today!


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IMG_2626 IMG_0385

Really nice last week – saw family in London & York – Isabella on the left. and Samuel on the right , in London – this was taken maybe 18 years ago? In St Ives. Then I had a nice day in York with Henrietta, and also saw Max in London.Plus of course Deborah,my sister-in -law,Thomas,Blahain-very jolly evening.

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The Return of Mrs Potts

By popular request Mrs Potts will return regularly to explain stuff and voice useful info.

For instance – attended an interesting event at Kings Place this evening.There were 2 men explaining things about themselves that women might not have noticed,  well they think we haven’t- like how they can pee against a wall, and how they like to pee as high as possible (!) who’s looking? Other men? Ho Hum. Anyway, they like doing that, and they like a bit of male bonding talking about sport – otherwise they were just blokes and seemed a a bit bemused that they were on a little podium being interviewed about what they thought about the way men are different from women? I wondered if either of them had a sister? The one thing they seemed to think categorised them as excellent husbands or maybe as men was that they could go to the shops and get ‘Tampons’ – big deal. My Dad would do that in the 50’s/60’s no problem and never made an issue of it.

But they looked nice, and I hope they enjoyed their evening.

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London Life & Great Great Grandfather Thomas Royle

Walking to the Bankside Gallery & Tate Modern this afternoon, crossing Ludgate Circus there is one of those Ghost bikes painted white to mark where a cyclist was killed. This reminded me that my Grandmother’s grandfather was run over by an Omnibus on Ludgate Hill – in 1906 – and died in Barts Hospital aged 70. Several members of the family lived in Faringdon Street, and New Bridge Street so maybe he was on the way to visit them. He was a silk printer and think he was at a big silk factory south of the river – although he was probably retired by 1906.


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The Geffrye Museum

About time Mrs Potts surfaced again with a visit to the Geffrye Museum – originally built as Almshouses in 1741 by Sir Robert Geffrye.

Entry is free and the Museum is now a series of rooms showing domestic interiors over the years. At Christmas the rooms are decorated – this one from the 50’s has become quite simpler.nostalgic.The rooms  and their decorations do take us back to times when things were simpler.


The Geffrye Museum

The Geffrye Museum

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Royal Society of British Artists Exhibition at Lloyd’s Register


In October I’ll be showing new work ( with 23 other RBA artists ) at the Lloyds Building,

71 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3 4BS. Friday 3 – Thursday 30 October 2014

Gallery closed Saturday & Sunday

Private View Thursday 2 October / Admission by RSVP only because of security / Contact me for invitation

Top : Cyclamen & Little House

Middle: Flowers from the Garden

Bottom: Flowers in a Jam Jar



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