The Return of Mrs Potts

By popular request Mrs Potts will return regularly to explain stuff and voice useful info.

For instance – attended an interesting event at Kings Place this evening.There were 2 men explaining things about themselves that women might not have noticed,  well they think we haven’t- like how they can pee against a wall, and how they like to pee as high as possible (!) who’s looking? Other men? Ho Hum. Anyway, they like doing that, and they like a bit of male bonding talking about sport – otherwise they were just blokes and seemed a a bit bemused that they were on a little podium being interviewed about what they thought about the way men are different from women? I wondered if either of them had a sister? The one thing they seemed to think categorised them as excellent husbands or maybe as men was that they could go to the shops and get ‘Tampons’ – big deal. My Dad would do that in the 50’s/60’s no problem and never made an issue of it.

But they looked nice, and I hope they enjoyed their evening.


About northoneartist

I live in London, I can see the top of the Shard from my window. I like making things and I mainly produce paintings which I exhibit and sell if the right person comes along!
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